Putting the green into your garden

Planting Design

It might be that you have a garden that has already had all the hard landscape installed, and you just want to know what to plant to get the look that you want and that will suit your conditions. You may be a landscape contractor or landscape designer who is great at the hard landscaping, but want to provide your client with a more comprehensive planting plan.

MG Gardens offers a planting design service, allowing you to make use of our extensive horticultural expertise. A planting plan can be designed that will meet the site requirements, but also fulfill a design style or vision.

Planting Palettes

Geared towards other design professionals, but just as useful for the home gardener, a planting palette can be developed for a specific project or planting area. A planting design brief is determined, and site research carried out into climate and soil and from this information, a palette of plants is selected that fulfill the design brief. Images of the plants, along with a table of relevant information such as mature heights and widths, flower times and colour is all passed onto the client to be used in their own planting design.

If you decide as a client you would like to carry out the planting yourself, MG Gardens can source all the plants for your project, ensuring their quality and appropriateness. Delivery to site and correct placement is all part of this service. After 18 years in horticulture, Meg has developed a network of contacts within wholesale nurseries to ensure that the best retail quality stock is sourced for your project.

Meg knows plants!!!! There are so many designers out there that know a small selected palette but Meg is one designer that crosses over into a horticultural realm. I’ve been amazed at the ideas she can bring to the table when engaged to provide planting palette advice. If you’re looking for a friendly designer that goes the extra mile when creating and that knows in-depth horticultural knowledge look no further than Meg.
— Brett Robinson – Acre Landscape Architecture Studio

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